How To Fast Track Yourself From Agency Work To Private Practice

Today we are going to give you the best and most efficient way to transition yourself from agency work to private practice. 

You think working full time in your agency job and trying to open and see clients in your private practice is the best way to get your private practice going?

More like it is the best way to see your private practice fail and you end up with burnout from your agency job.

Now, you may be wondering why it’s not recommended to do both until your private practice takes off. As you’re making the transition, have a 1-year plan written out for doing both until your practice is seeing enough clients for you to go part-time in your agency job.

This is an unrealistic goal and will cause you to suffer from burnout quickly.

For this example let’s say that you make 1400 a week for your agency job. So you will have to be making 700 revenue from your private practice until you feel comfortable going part-time. So if you are charging 100 a session that’s 7 extra clients a week you will need to take on. But that’s not take-home pay because you have to factor in your costs for your private practice.

When we factor in those costs, you will need to see 10 to 11 clients a week for your practice to make half of your agency job’s salary.

agency work private practice

Let’s say that you are seeing 8-10 clients a day in your agency job, which we all know is already pushing your luck with the possibility of having burnout.

Because you have made this commitment to not go part-time in your agency job until you are seeing enough clients for your private practice to cover half of your agency job salary. You start seeing 1-2 clients after your agency job all day.

Maybe you have made the choice to work a full Saturday to fit these clients in your already busy schedule.

You are giving yourself 10 -15-hour workdays at six days a week because you still have to market and network for your private practice for it to grow big enough for you to quit your agency job.

Your body may start shutting down after a couple of weeks pushing it like this.

You have to have time to rest, and you also have to have time to take a mental break from your job.

agency work private practice

Once your burnout sets in you aren’t going to be giving all of your clients’ good healing. The likelihood of your burnout will then send your private practice down in flames because you aren’t giving your best self to your clients.

Now that you understand how likely the possibility of burnout is and how hard this journey would be if you push yourself with unrealistic expectations. Let’s come up with a much more sustainable method for you to start a private practice.

You have to set small goals for yourself along the way of building your private practice from your agency work to reach the end goal.

Which is to completely quit your agency job. These small goals are going to give you the satisfaction of still accomplishing things while this process takes place.

stacking money

The first goal in transitioning yourself from agency work to private practice is you should establish creating a financial cushion for yourself.

Sit down and establish how much money you would need to be out of work for 3 months and have all of your bills and lifestyle paid for without worrying about money.

Once you have this number set, open up a new account and start putting some of each paycheck into that account.

While you are saving up this money for your cushion, start getting things set up for your private practice.

The next step you can do while you are saving up your money is to reach out to others in your field and find a peer consultation group, or a supervisor who will help you with any questions you may have along this journey.

The most important thing you are going to want to have in place before you ever decide to open your doors is your website.

Agency Work To Private Practice

Your website is your storefront to the world.

Choosing how this is going to look, along with the content that is going to go on it, will be the groundwork for your practice to be successful.

This website should be an investment in your career in private practice.

Choosing to take the cheap route here will never benefit you.

Remember when you are ready to get your website built for the future of your business we will create you the perfect storefront custom to your wants and needs for the success of your private practice. Just visit us on our home page here to get that started.

Once you have your website ready, get your social media platforms set up and link them all together. I already have an entire blog on marketing. Feel free to read that if you need help on the steps to get your business name out there.

Additionally, make sure you’re able to market and network your private practice, and even create a waitlist until you have your financial cushion built up. Be sure you are networking as much as you can to help build up a system of referrals for your business.

Actively blogging and networking is going to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. 

Once you have your cushion built up to your desired amount, this is where you need to have faith in yourself and the goal you have set for yourself. 

It’s time to set an opening date for your private practice.

Once you choose your date to open, let your agency know that you will be going down to part-time.

leap of faith

This is going to be a huge leap of faith for you but remember, this is what you have been working towards and you have enough money set away to stay part-time for 6 months without creating a financial burden on yourself.

Once you have gone down to part-time agency work, start seeing clients in your private practice.

This is going to allow you to be putting your best foot forward and prevent you from risking burnout. This extra energy and time you have allotted yourself are going to give your private practice the tools to flourish into whatever you may be wanting for it.

Leave us comments on how much this blog helped you create a realistic plan to open your doors for private practice.

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