How To Use Instagram To Get More Clients For Your Private Practice

Today we are going to give you all the secrets to grow your Instagram for your private practice.

Does your Instagram barely have 100 followers and just a couple of likes on each picture?

Do you want to make your account a place where clients can find and connect with you by providing content that aligns with who you are as a therapist?

Using Instagram to grow your private practice is a dynamic way for you to grow your practice and reach potential clients.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users worldwide and it’s completely free to use. The reach you can have on Instagram is vast.

It’s easy to not be seen on Instagram though, so we are going to walk you through strategies to boost your connection with the billions of people on the platform daily.


instagram private practice

A humongous part of using Instagram in private practice is to know your brand.

  • What are your brand colors?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What do you want this channel to say about you as a person?

Your brand should highlight what makes you different from other therapists in your niche.

  • Is it your approach to your healing?
  • Are you specializing in some combo niches that others may not be?

If you have a logo for your private practice, within your logo, pick out some colors that are specific to your brand, or complementary to your brand.

By primarily using these colors, and by asking yourself the questions above, you’ll be able to have a good feel of what your brand is.

Your brand should be a reflection of yourself. It shouldn’t all be material that has nothing to do with you as a person.

It’s good to seem human on social media platforms. You can post quotes that you like, but be sure to have your face and yourself out there as well.


Use hashtags!

This will be your best friend when learning how to Instagram successfully.

The use of hashtags gives you the opportunity to reach people who are searching for that specific tag.

So, say you posted an inspirational quote on your page. Using the hashtag #inspirationalquote is going to put you on the feed for that topic when people are searching for it.

Instagram allows up to 50 hashtags for a post, so be sure to utilize this ability for each post. Use the keywords we found using the SEO keyword tool.

If you haven’t read that blog yet, I would recommend doing so now, so you have a good idea of what your hashtags should be. (Click here)

Try to relate what you are posting about to your specific niche and relate those hashtags back to that.

In your use of the hashtags, when people search that specific hashtag, you know what that does? It shows them your photo.

Most of the time they will go check out your page. When they check out your page, you will gain new followers. Which are people who will see every post you put out on their feed.

This is a sure way to increase your engagement on your page.

If you keep hearing about having a niche or using specific keywords in your content over and over again, that’s because they’re extremely important.

Be sure to engage with others who have similar interests on Instagram.

Don’t go like every post they have, but writing meaningful comments on posts that appear on your newsfeed as well as liking posts you find interesting are good ways to do so.

Commenting on others’ posts puts your name out there more as well. The more you can be seen, the more likely you are to have increased engagement on your account.

Good things take time

Clients most likely aren’t specifically looking for therapists when they are searching through their feed, but it’s a great tool to establish a good name for yourself in the online community so that when people are in need of therapy, they know where to look.

Leave us comments on other tips for Instagram that you may be using.

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