Secrets To Having A Successful Blog In Private Practice

Today we are going to show you our secrets to having a successful blog in private practice that will attract 1000’s of potential clients.
So you want to have a blog for your private practice that is going to attract potential clients without causing you stress?

You may even have one but feel overwhelmed every time you go to write. I’m going to break down ways to make your blog easy to write and popular with potential clients.

Blogs in private practice are extremely important because they give potential clients who are interested in you, a chance to get to know you before they even meet you.

I like to call this the resumé process. It’s like your blog is the resumé, and you have to make yours stand out against all the other ones for potential clients.

This is a really good opportunity to use your keywords in the content of your website. If you need help with your keywords click here.

Use these keywords to try to come up with a topic to cover. If you are really feeling stumped on what to cover, enter those keywords in to see what others have written about the topics, you never know what idea may come to mind.

If you still can’t come up with anything there is always the resource answer the public.

You just enter in the keywords it will give you a list of possible blog post ideas.

Blog post ideas

Now that you have your idea, time to create a title!


Good titles will be something that catches the reader’s attention to make them click on the post.

Numbers, specifically odd ones, tend to get more clicks. How-tos are always going to be a good way to start.

So take this title for starters…

Becoming a celebrity therapist.

We could also write it as “How to become a celebrity therapist.”

Or this is “5 ways to become a celebrity therapist.”

The “how-to” or “5 ways” is way more likely to get clicked on then becoming a celebrity therapist, even if they are all saying the exact same thing.

Next is your hook for your blog in private practice

The best hooks are small clusters of words that grab the attention of the readers. For this blog, I went with Who wants to be a….. Celebrity?!?!? Okay, maybe not Dr. Phil, but at least an expert.

You have to grab the reader’s attention to make them feel why they should read this post. 

Blog Private Practice

After the hook, you will need a SMALL summary.

When I say small, I mean small. One to two sentences max. You can see what I wrote here for our blog post.

See how I told them why we needed to show yourself as a celebrity? I let them know what we are going to cover in a way that makes them want more.

Note how this entire page is very skimmable. Most readers will scroll up and down the entire page before deciding if they should read it.

If you have all of your writing clumped together in traditional paragraphs your reader will oftentimes become overwhelmed by this and not read the post. 

Keep your paragraphs to 2-3 sentences long at the max as we have here. See how we have headings in the text as well this lets the readers drop down to what section they may be needing help with easily.

Add visuals in your content to give the texts a break as well.

People love to look at pictures, so give the people what they want. Just be sure to have permission on any pictures you may be using.

Write your blog like you are speaking to a client in person. Would you tell them something about research shows or your experiences?

Word things in a way where they can easily apply it to their lives for your private practice blog.

If you pay attention to our post you see how we are using you a lot. That is putting everything in second person so the reader can easily apply these tools to their life.

You blog
If you refer anyone or any websites be sure to hyperlink them in the blog as well. This adds to your credibility but also boosts your SEO with Google.
ALWAYS end your blog with a call to action. For you, it would be an option to subscribe to your blog or book an appointment with you.

With these simple tips, you should be writing blogs in 20 minutes flat that will give you a lot of reader engagement, as well as boost your SEO with Google.

Leave us some comments with links to your blogs so we and others can check them out.

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