See How You Can Easily Set up a Home Private Practice

Today we are going show you how you can easily set up a home private practice.

Want to move your office to your house, but you’re struggling with what you even need to do to start this task?

The idea of ditching your office and saving you the cost of rent every month is an important step for your private practice.

An at home private practice is the new normal.

You will now have NO commute and you can wear sweatpants to your office. What is better than that?

All you need is a safe, private space to practice from, the proper tech, an appropriate background, and most importantly YOU have to be comfortable.

You cannot give proper healing if you feel closed off or out of your comfort zone in any way. 

home private practice

1. Find A Space In Your Home For Your Private Practice –

Picking out what space in your home is going to be your hardest task.

You have to find an area in your home that you feel is going to be comfortable for you to work in for 8 plus hours a day.

You also want to make sure that you are picking a space that is secluded from whatever is going on in your home. If you have kids that are home during the day or pets make sure this area is not right next to them so that your clients are still getting the privacy they expect.

Internet Speed Test

2. Good Internet

Like the fastest internet, you have available for you. You can check your internet with a speed test provided by Google.

If you are having trouble with your internet check out our blog for some more helpful tips. The internet speed you run with is going to be your key to having your platforms work their best during your sessions.

3. Camera For Your Home Private Practice 

This one feels kind of obvious, clearly, you won’t be able to participate in zoom calls if you have no camera. Most computers have a built-in camera, but you can always go buy an external camera as well if needed.

4. Headphones –

These are so important and the most forgotten.

Make sure they are the headphones that have a mic built into them. Pulling your mic close to your mouth helps with echo.

We also found this video to be helpful to you with that if you are still having trouble with echos. Wearing headphones will help your client hear you a lot better, and also, you are going to be able to hear them with ease as well.

5. White Noise Machine –

Most private practices always have some light music playing in community areas as well as a white noise machine outside of the offices.

This really helps with any noise that may be going on outside of your office, and it helps to create a barrier so people outside of the room cannot hear what is being discussed.

good background

6. Soundproof The Room In Your Home Private Practice-

Installing insulation strips around your door as well as a door sweep at the bottom will help to create a solid barrier for your office.

Then establish softening up your room with any blankets, pillows, curtains, and rugs you can. The more soft materials you put in this space the more sound that is going to stay in that area.

7. Know Your Background –

Distracting backgrounds are easy to overlook. Make sure you have a light pointed at your face so the client can be able to clearly see it.

Remember, you are trying to create a place for healing so have that displayed in your background.

We did a whole blog on this, I have it linked right here if you need to go over all the ways your background could be distracting.

8. Your Comfort In Your Home Private Practice –

Don’t leave this out!

You’re going to be spending most of your time in this area you have created. You want to ensure you’re going to be able to feel at ease while you’re working.

Your chair should be supportive and comfortable for you. Try to make sure your computer is at eye level to keep from straining your neck as well. Add anything else that may help you feel more relaxed.

You now have the perfect workspace from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that you should always lock the door when you are doing sessions. You would never want someone to walk in during this time of healing. It could disrupt your clients’ healing and break some of their trust.

Leave us comments on how much this video helped you create an office from home.

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