The Foolproof Way to Have a Twitter for Your Private Practice

Today we are going to show you how to a Twitter account that will expand your private practice and allow you to connect with potential clients.

Twitter has 330 million users and 100 active daily users.

It’s not even a question of whether or not you should be active on Twitter… it’s more so a question of how you should use your Twitter to gain meaningful connections with potential clients!

Twitter is a great form of connecting with people when it comes to social networking, and it’s free marketing for your private practice.

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There are a couple of secrets I’m going to let you know about in this blog that is going to help you have a successful Twitter account for your private practice.

Let’s dive in.

First, be personable in your bio.

Make it something along the lines of “I’m Becca Abshire. Mother. Technology Junkie. Private Practice Growth Expert. Helping therapists thrive in Lexington, KY.”

Following this format is going to keep your readers interested in who you are and be clear about you as a person.

Your Twitter header should be what highlights your private practice and any other promotions that you may be doing at the moment.

twitter private practice

So if you take a look at our Twitter header you will see the name of our company takes up a good bit of it as well as a quick covering of what we do, which is “website design for therapists who want to make a difference.”

If we were ever to run a promotional campaign, this would be a perfect spot on our profile to have that advertised.

Make sure you are sticking with your branding colors in your header and your profile picture.

If you missed our blog about branding we have it linked for you right here.

Keeping your brand consistent on all platforms is going to allow your potential clients to have a way of recognizing you.

Your Twitter bio, header, and profile picture are the first things someone sees when clicking on your profile, make sure you are using this space to clearly but engagingly get your point across.

We use Canva to make many of our headers and other photos for social media.

We have them linked here.


Your picture should be a headshot of you, with your brand colors themed with you if possible.

We did a blog on how to take professional-looking photos from your phone, if you missed that blog we have it linked right here.

Once you have these three items on your profile, it’s time to start tweeting for your private practice.

Your tweets should always have a hashtag in them.

If you are unfamiliar with a hashtag it’s basically Twitter’s search engine, so using the hashtag will allow your tweet to pop up when someone searches for that specific hashtag. Try to keep your hashtags related to your niche.

This is a great place to use your keywords here. We also linked that blog right here for you if you need a refresher. 

You should tweet about your business, and tweeting sections of your blog that leave the reader wanting more, with the blog linked is a great way to share your content.

It’s also important to tweet things that your specific niche may be interested in.

So let’s say that your target audience is widowed moms. Sharing some parenting tips, or grief coping tips on your Twitter would be a great way to engage with your followers while still being relevant to your chosen niche.

If at all possible, always try to attach a photo or link with your tweets.

At least once a day make sure that you have a tweet that will be a call to action, whether it be a link to sign up for your blog subscription or book an appointment with you.

Keep that floating around daily.

Being human is a major key to Twitter for private practice.

Make sure you are replying and retweeting others’ content that you like as well. This reminds people there is a face behind those tweets and they are reading your content.

Be sure to follow other professionals in your field and people who may fall under your targeted audiences.

Once you get a good flow of the content you are putting out daily with twitter for your private practice we recommend you sign up for MeetEdgar.

We have a link here that will give you two free weeks. MeetEdgar is a program where you can categorize your content and schedule when it goes out, so you don’t have to deal with the stress of reminding yourself to tweet so many times a day.

This leaves only the replying and retweeting things that interest you and Edgar does the rest of the work for you.

Leave us comments on how much this video helped you get the hang of Twitter for mental health professionals.

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